480 Cable duct


Cable duct

Cable duct or cable trough for uptake and routing of cables and lines. The cable duct is exempt of sharp edges and is suited for mounting on the ceiling, on walls and on the floor.


U-shaped straight or Z-shaped, closed bottom or with slots for
dewatering, joining elements for the formation of a continuous
even duct, cover that may be fixed by means of a clipping system on the cable duct

stainless steel V2A, aluminium and iron U-shaped
fixing element for trunking in stainless steel

15 x 15 mm – 200 x 200 mm
lengths: 100 mm–6,000 mm, individual segments

nanocoating to prevent dirt deposits

Fire test:
E90 according to DIN 4102-12

Special features:
bends and by-passes up to 90° easy running of cables – cables must not be pulled in

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