Deutsche Bahn – German railways

In 2014 we have supplied and installed the emergency lighting systems for a large project in Dortmund. As prime contractor, we were responsible for the entire site coordination and project management.

Wiener Neustadt

For the Municipal Department 13 of the city of Wiener Neustadt, we were able to conclude a framework contract for the supply of lighting poles and accessories for 2014.

Wien Energie GmbH

For the Wien Energie GmbH, we provide in 2014 hundreds of lighting poles and brackets.

IVB – Public transportation – Innsbruck (AT)

The bus stops of the IVB, in the city of Innsbruck, were equipped by us with LED lights of our series 400.

SBB – Swiss federal railways

Already some Swiss tunnels were equipped with our Series 470 system for emergency lighting. Others are in the planning and preparation. Installed series: 470, 480, 510 and 610.

ÖBB – Austrian federal railways

The Austrian Federal Railways is one of our major clients in the field of tunnel emergency lights. in Austria were already equipped hundreds of kilometers of railway tunnels with our series 470, 510, 600 and 610.


We were able to handle some large projects together with the company Elin. Among other things, we have supplied 2013 special poles for outdoor lighting for Austria’s tallest skyscraper, the DC City Towers at Vienna.